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Daily Planner - Undated

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An undated, daily planner designed to help you walk by faith, focus on things that matter, worry less about things that don't, reach your goals, and really enjoy every day.

Think of our planner as a friend that encourages you, keeps you accountable, and points you towards Christ daily.

Construction: smooth ivory pages sewn together, bound in linen bookcloth, embossed with gold foil, and finished with a ribbon bookmark

1 planner sold = 5 bags of groceries donated to those in need


-247 days of daily planning (undated)

-12 monthly layouts (undated)

-morning & evening reflection questions

-Scripture / daily challenge

-to-do list AND hourly schedule

-long-term dream & goal planning pages

Our Heart

Besides helping you crush your goals and draw closer to Christ, we also have a heart for those in need.

For every planner sold, FIVE bags of groceries are donated to those in in need in Tampa, Florida through a ministry we partner with locally (Second Chances Dream Center).


For our Walk By Faith fam in the USA, shipping is FREE (3-5 business days). For our Walk By Faith fam worldwide, we can ship to you too! (10-21 business days)

Simple layout, powerful tools to win the day.

*to-do list with TOP 3 & daily reward, so every day is a WIN

*hourly schedule to beat procrastination

*daily question to transform the way you think

*daily Scripture or challenge to help you grow

*1-min. reflection questions to help you grow in faith

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One page per day, packed with tools you can use.

show me how to use it
  • Set your mind on things above.

    With Christ at the center of your planning, you're measuring all your steps with God's idea of success, not society's.

  • Enjoy every day.

    By practicing gratitude daily, meditating on Scripture, and being intentional with how you think, you will grow in the joy of the LORD.

  • Reach your goals faster.

    Work towards your goals with more faith and less fear to avoid stress and burnout. You're reminded that you were never in control in the first place, and that God is always in control.

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This planner is for you if you want to:

*bring clarity to your goals & dreams

*reduce workload and stress with hourly scheduling

*have more free time to do things you enjoy

*minimize screentime & aimless scrolling by following an hourly schedule

*work towards your goals consistently

*keep your thoughts and tasks organized throughout the day

*cultivate a life that pleases God, not man

*be challenged to serve others

*be challenged to grow in faith

  • Step 1:

    Meditate on the Scripture or commit to the Daily Challenge.

  • Step 2:

    In the morning, take 1 minute to answer a question to help you transform the way you think.


    As a man thinketh, so he is. (Proverbs 23:7)

  • Step 3:

    Write your to-do list, choosing your TOP 3 tasks for the day. Write in a reward that you will give yourself after completing your TOP 3. Then fill out your hourly schedule, making time for your to-do list and leisure.

  • Step 4:

    At night, take 2 minutes to answer the reflection questions to check-in, grow in gratitude and grow in faith.

14-day $-back guarantee

We'd be shocked if you didn't think WBF Planner was the best planner you've ever had. But in the unlikely event that you're not happy with the planner - we'll give you every cent back, no questions asked.

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